Christmas Pudding

King Herod

The high priest hurried off to the palace to tell Herod about the three kings who were spreading rumours amongst his subjects. 

“They ride fine camels and wear rich robes,” reported the priest, “and they speak of a child-king who will become king of the Jews.”

“How can that be?” cried Herod in anger. “I am king. There can be no other!”

“The three kings spoke of an ancient prophecy,” the high priest continued.

“What prophecy?” asked Herod. “I do not believe in prophecies!”

“They said that God promised to deliver a Saviour to the people of Israel,” replied the priest. “The Saviour will be born in Bethlehem, and all will worship him.”

“Bring these strangers to me at once,” bellowed Herod.


Step One

Download and print off the attached Advent Nativity Trail Check Sheet.

Step Two

Explore the village and check off each frame as you see them.

Step Three

Scan the QR code on each frame to read about the Christmas Story at each stop!


our upcoming Advent events

Saturday 16th December
"Carols for All" led by Stithians Ladies Choir at 7:30pm

Sunday 17th December
Morning Worship at 10:30am

Sunday 24th December
Christmas Eve Nativity at 4:00pm

Monday 25th December
Christmas Day Service at 10:00am

All are welcome!

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