The Stable

In Bethlehem, Joseph tried one more inn. 

“I’m sorry we’re full,” said the innkeeper. 

“Please,” said Joseph. “My wife is with child, and she is tired. Is there no other place we can stay?”

The kind innkeeper took pity on the young couple and led them to the stable. 

“At least here you will have a roof over your heads,” he said.


Watch the St Paul’s Auckland video ‘The Christmas Story’ on YouTube.


Step One

Download and print off the attached Advent Nativity Trail Check Sheet.

Step Two

Explore the village and check off each frame as you see them.

Step Three

Scan the QR code on each frame to read about the Christmas Story at each stop!


our upcoming Advent events

Sunday 24th December
Christmas Eve Nativity at 4:00pm

Monday 25th December
Christmas Day Service at 10:00am

All are welcome!

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