An Oasis

Meanwhile, as the road to Bethlehem stretched on and on, Mary felt the baby stirring within her. She prayed for his safety as the donkey carried her over the stretches of sand and rocks. How thirsty she was! If only she could take a long, cool drink. But Mary knew they had to make their water last, so all she would allow herself was one small sip at a time. 

“Don’t worry, Mary,” said Joseph. “God is watching. He will provide for us.” 

At last their faith was rewarded.

“Look!” cried Joseph. “An Oasis!” 

A small pool of water glistened ahead. Joseph led Mary to the cool water, where they bathed and quenched their first. Mary and Joseph said a prayer of thanks for this refreshing gift, and even the donkey brayed happily as he splashed in the water. Mary and Joseph rested under the shade of the palm trees and fell fast asleep.


Watch the music video by Casting Crowns – I heard the bells on Christmas Day on You Tube.


Step One

Download and print off the attached Advent Nativity Trail Check Sheet.

Step Two

Explore the village and check off each frame as you see them.

Step Three

Scan the QR code on each frame to read about the Christmas Story at each stop!


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